Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday #5...

I really like this bike! Whats a hardtail?

The DNR is hard at work on Pheasant mt harassing bears. No bear in this one. I should have shoved it over the hill but there was probably a game camera near by.

Fern Gully!
Doe a dear a female dear.

This Wednesday was a wet, working Wednesday. Got up real early to get a ride in before the trails got to packed (ha) only to be greeted by heavy rain. Mandi and I started our wet and muddy ride mid morning and felt pretty much like poo. So we just took are time, got rained on a couple times, I crashed twice on sticks hiding under 3 foot tall ferns. It is amazingly lush this year out in woods. The underbrush is super green and thick. It is going to be a great summer for fruit foraging.

After riding came the work part. Had to make a house call which is actually a lot of fun then I had to go to the bank and then go pay for insurance which is the opposite of fun. Now its time to go work in the garden. You know what they say "A hobbits work is never done".

Peace, JOEY

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