Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday #5... aka my birthday!

When Mandi asked me what I wanted to do today my response was RIDE. So ride we did. We hit up the home stomping ground of Shingle Tree and South Haddix trail. The USFS has done some work on Shingle tree recently and all the trees that were down are now gone with the exception of one that has fallen recently. It was a climbing extravaganza. The ride was followed by a dip in the river and then a trip to favorite town in WV, Davis. The reason for the trip to Davis was to go to lunch at the best darn burrito shop in the world Hellbenders. After consuming half a burrito, I could not get the whole thing down, we headed over to BWB to hang out with Roger and the gang for a few minutes. On the way home we decided to stop off for a little hike on loop rode to work off some burrito and to spend just a little more time outdoors.

All and all it was wonderful way to spend my b-day, riding my bike with my favorite person in the world.

Peace, JOEY.


Casseday said...

Happy Birthday Joey! Hope to get together soon.

JH Yates said...

Happy B-day Joey!!! Glad you got to get out and enjoy your day!