Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Three day Vacation...

More like a two and a half day vacation. I had to go up to the Cheat Mountain club Saturday to work on bikes. So Mandi and I decided to load up the truck and make a weekend of it. So after tuning up some 20 year old clunkers we headed over to the mountain camp on Dry Fork road.

Saturday evening we did a short little ride up through Grouse Management area just to work up a sweat and loosen up the legs. Sunday we headed up to Spruce K-nob to ride one of the best trails in the state, Huckleberry trail. We rode up from camp and past Seneca Creek trail head. I was astounded by the number of cars parked at the trail head, I have never seen it so packed. Huckleberry is in excellent shape and looks like it is getting lots of use. We only encountered two groups of hikers on Huckleberry which was relief, I thought for sure we would be dodging yuppies form DC all day. Now Seneca Creek was a different story. Judy Springs was packed. Why you would want to carry a back pack full of gear 5 miles out into the woods and then camp just feet from 20 other people is beyond me. At least there out in the woods. After a good a meal and a long nap Mandi andI head out on a good long hike up the knob behind the camper. What a view! The Oceola/Gandy Creek area is by far my favorite place in WV and man is it beautiful.

Monday we packed up camp and headed over to Davis for a planned group ride with that sandbagging clydesdale racer, JR Pestko. We headed out as a group of five, JR, Pete the Wolf, Jason "I can only ride for 5 minutes" Cyr, Mandi and I. On top of Canaan we picked up Paul from Baltimore and headed out on some of that knarly singletrack that Davis is famous for. At 1:30 into the ride JR snapped one of his seat rails, 200+ lbs, hollow ti rail is not a good combination. So he and Pete headed back to Davis. The rest of us continued our ride taking in a few more trails before tucking tail and racing back into town just in time to beat the rain.

What a great weekend! Lots of rest, recreating and food consumption.

Peace, JOEY.


Sara said...

Great trail- I need to find out where those are!

camps said...

Wow, that *is* a lot of cars for there. That was the Highlands Conservancy's group backpack to Seneca Creek / High Sprgs.

Not sure how I woulda handled myself if I'd run into them and known who it was.

bike bFAT said...

That WAS a great day to be on the Knob! We rode up there the very same day. Hit Huckleberry at high noonish.

Casseday said...

All the trails in the Spruce Knob area are great, but I agree; Huckleberry takes the cake!