Thursday, May 7, 2009

Garden Update...

Comfry also known as bone set or bone mend. Comfry is edible but not very palatable. We used it two years on my broken wrists to help them heal 12 weeks early than anticipated.

One of the back yard ramp patches.


Potato patch! These tires will soon be filled with dirt one at a time. As the potato vine grows you add another tire almost completely covering the vine forcing the potatoes to grow vertically. This what you do when you have limited space.

Sugar snap peas.

Onions, onions everywhere. Over 400 to be exact.


Bologna lettuce.

Giant garlic.

Mandi working on here new herb garden local.

The back yard. As you can see we have recently added four new raised beds, six more to come soon. The goal is to someday have no grass to mow.

The veggies and herbs patently waiting for the rain to stop so they can be placed in there permanent summer homes.

One of three tomato/garlic beds.

The front yard green bean patch, still waiting for seeds.

Peace, JOEY

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