Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Snow...

View from Bickles

Yes, we got a truck. Anyone looking to buy a Hyundai?

Trail up to Bakers Sods.

Go this way to find ramps or taradactol tracks.

Ramps on ice. We knew were to look and it still took us a half hour to find them.



Susan Haywood said...

What about pickled ramps? They are awesome and can be used on sandwiches or in Martinis. Keep riding and living the good life.

fatbob29r said...

surprised you guys went with a truck. Although practical for hauling bikes, lumber, etc, seems to go against your grain. The garden(s) are looking fab BTW.

Joey and Mandi said...

Going against the grain is what I do, the grain of society that is. The truck was $800! Could not pass it up. WE only drove 6000 miles last year and plan to drive less this year, so we do not need a gas sipper.