Monday, April 6, 2009


Ramps eye view.


Ramp digger, I bet you thought it was a screwdriver.

Big brother.

Beautiful Mandi.

Yep, its that time of year again, Ramp time! We have already dug a couple good messes this year.

One of our favorite places to go "ramping" is up on Bickles Knob. The ground is literally carpeted in places with the pungent green leaks. Yesterday the weather was glorious, so we decided to make a day of it and ride up Bakers Sods trail to Bickles Knob.

On the way up we did a fair bit of exploring, checking out a few of the old log skidding roads that litter the area. Surprise, surprise, they all dead end. One of these days I am going find one that goes some where, I hope.

We stopped just above the sods ate some lunch and went to digging. We got a couple good size bags full and decided we better head home and save some for later. You could probably fill a 15 ton dump truck full with the ramps that grow east of Bickles Knob.

Hopefully the long rides with the foraging intermingled is a continued theme for this year. Mandi is hoping to take a class at Augusta this summer called "Gathering the Woods". There is nothing like going for a long ride and then coming home with sustenance.

Peace, JOEY

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