Monday, July 14, 2008

Since last time we talked...

John stopping to smell the flowers!
We had a yard sale Friday and Saturday. More work than it was worth but it was fun.

Built a little something for the beans to play on.

Been picking a bunch of these lately. Foraging Rocks!

The little shire garden.

So whats been going on since the last blog entry you ask? A lot! Mandi and I took part in the Race to Little Moes Place on July 5th. I say took part rather race because neither of us really raced. We pretty much just survived. Both of us had spectacularly bad races for many reasons: lots of work and riding leading up to the race, Mandi had a freshly broken toe and I was suffering from two day old hangover. Ok now thats out of way. A race I would very much like to forget. Since then we have recovered, rode some and worked lots. My bikeshop is nearing completion, just a few minor odds ands ends to take care of. The garden is doing marvelous, except for the tomatoes which are yielding but look horrid. We will be at Valley Falls? Maybe. The racing this year is defiantly taking a back burner to real life. We skipped the North Bend race yesterday and must say I had not one twinge of guilt. We got a long, leisurely ride in with John Weber. No pressure, no need to go fast, just pedaling and enjoying the scenery and the companionship. Even took a nap yesterday!

Peace, JOEY.


Fat-Boy said...

nap!!! There is no time for a nap! Get to work! lol!!

bike bFAT said...

I scoff at your little tiny mull(?)berries - 'cause my berries bFAT

Joey and Mandi said...

those are black raspberries. don't make fun of my little berries!