Friday, July 4, 2008

Off to camp......Spruce Knob

Joey and I had plans on attending the Tour de Burg last week but Joeys hamstring was rebelling so we changed our plans. My mom mentioned to me that they would be heading to camp July 3rd-6th. She said that they would pick up all of our stuff for the weekend when they passed through Elkins, but we found some awesome deals on some road bikes thanks to L.B. and they are to be delivered to the race on Saturday. So change of plans, we packed up our stuff late wednesday after working on the bike shop ALL DAY, and gave a few things to my mom and dad. We planned out a few good routes and headed to camp. We left Elkins at 10 am and headed out Files Creek Rd, over Cheat Mtn, Bemis, Glady, West Fork Rail Trail to Durbin, Over Middle Mountain, through Laural Fork, and to Camp. Less than 10 miles of pavement for a 64 mile ride.
Arrived at camp to have a great campfire cooked dinner, hung out and played Rumy with Joey and my mom and dad. Joey had way to much of my dad's homemade wine and ended up running outside at 12:30 am to dispose of his earlier dinner. Slept a few hours and then set off for home. While getting my clothes changed I did manage to break my middle toe. (didn't go to the hospital but it looks pretty broken, black and blue, swollen and hurts like hell) We decided to take a shorter route for the way home. Joey wasn't feeling 100% after running to the bathroom all night and morning and we are planning on racing tomorrow.
5:53 hours up and 3:02 hours home. That should tell you the amount of climbing.
A great way to get to camp and our car wasn't even moved. We are already planning our next trip.
Last week we ordered these fancy seat post racks with a strapon bag. Fed Ex sucks and gave us the run around. Long story short my 2 day shipping was a waste. But the racks were waiting on the porch for us when we got home. They will be great for next time. Our backs with be happier too.

This one will be marked as one I'll never forget. The scenery was amazing. I would love to move in up at camp. We need to go and spend a while and explore. Next time Joey, my mom and dad and I will be going through the Sinks of Gandy. ( an awesome cave just over the hill from camp)
Well I better go wake Joey up from his deserved nap. Dinner is done.

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JJ said...

that is awsome there have been a lot of guys riding out here in montana touring. But today I wanted skis! See you soon