Monday, December 31, 2007

Sad News...

Fat Tire Cycle in Elkins is no longer. Gene Wells,the owner, has decided to lock the doors and move all the inventory to Buckhannon. It came as very big suprise to me. But to be fair Gene did give me a 40 minute warning! I had no clue to what was coming down the line. I had been told that the we were going to move the shop down town after the first of the year not to Buckhannon. To all the loyale FTC customers who frequent this blog I would like to thank you for your patronage and friendship over the last seven years. This is not the end for Mandi and I in the bike business its just a new beginning.

Peace, JOEY.

ps: I would be remiss in not thanking Gene for providing me with a Dream job for the last 6 years. It was a great learning experience full of life changing challenges. So without further ado: thank you Gene. Sincerly, Joey.