Friday, November 30, 2007

Two steps closer

Sunday and Wednesday were exciting days for JOEY and I. We ventured out to the forest and rode some gated forest service roads. Even a little single track. JOEY was still riding strong. A little slower on the downhills but that is just what he needs to be doing. A wreck now could really set him back. On Wednesday we converted my Vicious ss Monolith into a 29 -26. Wow, I loved it! I think on one ride I'm hooked. Now what? I borrowed this wheel and tire, so now it looks like a new wheel and tire will be needed REAL soon. Can I go back to suspension? 26"? I love my bike set us like this. oSo much more confidence on the downhills. More momentum on rolly trails and didn't feel any slower on the climbs. And it fits. Being 5'2" we had to make too many compromises to ride a 29er. This worked great though. Can't wait to get out to ride more single track. Hopefully soon. take a look.
Joey riding some easy trails. One step closer. South Haddix/Pheasant Mountain Ride here in Elkins.


bradski said...

Great to hear Joey is rolling strong! Meow!

doug said...

Keep riding the 29-26er. You're going to love it more and more!

Good to hear Joey's recovered. Whoa hoo!