Monday, November 5, 2007

Rail Trailin...

mandi and i rode the length of the west fork rail trail yesterday. the west fork runs from glady to durbin wv. it rolls through some of the most beautiful country around. there are several peat moss bogs and meandering streams. we saw at least 50 deer, three grouse, loads of sheep, two cats and no other people. it was a bit chilly out but the sun was shinning most of the day. the trail is much rougher than your typical rail trail and probally a bit rough for my broken body but was worth it. i must say i am beat today. the ride took 4 hours and i was really suffering the last hour. it is going take me a little while to regain my fitness but it will happen. i just need to be patient and not try to get it all back all at once.

peace. joey.

miss sheep.

if i were a sheep i would be this one.

i would totally live here.

the twins.



doug said...

You're on the bike!

Congrats! Must feel so good. Rail trails are fun. Nice and mellow. Just what is needed for this time of the year.

Me.?. How about the most difficult race possible.. La Ruta. On a singlespeed.

Ergons are my friend. Super comfortable on my palm and wrists. The bar ends help so much on the SS. I recommend them. They have reduced blisters from riding rigid.

camps said...

That West Fork Trail is definitely beeUteefull.

Rode it once from Glady to Durbin as part of a 4-day bikepack from Huckleberry Trail to Snowshoe and back. We spent our first night at the train shelter near High Falls.

Rode the East Fork back, which was totally different.

Glad to see you back on pedals