Monday, January 11, 2010

Marshmallow wonderland...

The ladies sharing the road!?!

Marshmallow cream everywhere! Photo courtesy of Tommi

Not so Bald Knob. Camera froze up shortly after taking this picture.

I feel so relieved.

Mandi and the John.

My mug ruining an otherwise beautiful picture.

Saturday: Mandi and I went skiing at the Lammie residents(Mandi's boss) out near Mont-rose. The ridgeline powder was amazing! Four foot deep drifts. Just wonderful!

Sunday: Mandi, John and I headed up the the ultimate XC ski destination of Canaan Valley. We headed over to Whitegrass so John could rent some equipment. What a spectacular day! The conditions there are the best they have had in 4 decades. Snow up to your butt. We had an awesome day of skiing followed by some good food and fellowship.

This winter has been awesome, I hope it continues as it is.

Let it snow, Joey.


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