Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What's is it about?

Federal government employed psychologists being empowered to deny an individual the right to own guns based on a diagnosis. Not behavior. No criminal activity. A diagnosis.

Question: What sector of society has just been radically sensitized to the issue of "traumatized" people bearing arms?

You guessed it. The psychologists and psychiatrists.

You can almost hear it coming:

"If only he'd been diagnosed. If only the law had been used to take away his guns, Fort Hood would never have happened."

I can easily see a situation where returning combat veterans are tested, found to be suffering from PTSD, and stripped of their right to bear arms based on that diagnosis.

For the good of the country of course. Look at what happened in Fort Hood.

If a major with a degree in psychiatry could do something like this, anyone can.

This script could not have been better written by Hollywood.

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