Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wednesday # Who knows...

Peeping through a leaf.

Douglas Falls. The orange rocks are so beautiful!

Yes, I got another new bike! I know, I know. What can I say I am totally schizophrenic.

Them there are some rocks!

Mandi and I rode up the Allegheny Highlands Railtrail along Blackwater canyon Yesterday. Then we headed up Canyon Rim road to Limerock trail. Limerock is so rough but totally worth the effort just to see the runs that cross it. It is worth doing once every four or so years. Sorry no Garmin map of the ride, I am so over that thing.

Peace, Joey


Randy Markley said...

'Bout time you post some new ride pics. What is the new bike?

fatbob29r said...

Nice, is that a Salsa Mamasita? How are you keeping the chain tensioned?

Joey and Mandi said...

It is a Salsa Selma, it has an eccentric bb. She is super spicy!