Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wednesday #7...

Yesterday was a weird Wednesday. Mandi and I went for a ride early before all the rain. We saw a weasel on the rail trail and no I don't mean a politician. A real honest to goodness weasel. First one I have ever seen. I also saw a bear and actually saw one on Tuesday mornings ride to.

In the afternoon we headed up to Sommerset PA to pick up the above pictured car. I "won" it on EBAY Sunday. It was sort of a crazy thing. I put forth a total low ball bid went hiking and then came home to find, that the 1996 Subaru Outback with 2.2 liter motor and 5 speed, was mine. This particular Subaru specimen is somewhat rare, '96 was the only year Subaru made the real Outback with a 2.2. I have been looking hi and lo for one and now it is mine.

Anyone looking to by a cheap truck?



fatbob29r said...

Awesome, glad to see you got a new (to you guys) Outback. Was your last one a 2.2L?

Joey and Mandi said...

It was the not as dependable 2.5 liter.