Saturday, February 28, 2009

New "road" bikes...

Mandi and I got rid of our fancy dancy 10 speeds and picked us a couple Randolph County road bikes. Here in Randolph county over have the roads are unpaved and in pretty rough shape. Its hard to even go out and do a short loop without hitting some pretty gnarly roads. The KHS Urban Extreme is the ultimate bike for the dual sport rides that Mandi an I like to head out on. The flat bar is great to, neither one of us have ever got used to the curly que handlebars on a road bike. Right now we have them outfitted with super thick 28c tires and fenders but without the fenders I believe there enough room for something as big as 45c. We are super stoked with these bikes, we wont be hitting up any of the WV road races with them though.

Peace, JOEY

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Hudson Yates said...

You mean you ditched you specialized Allezs?