Monday, December 8, 2008

-5 with the wind chill...

A couple years ago when bike racing was real important and my sights were always set on the coming race season, I probably would have rode on a day like yesterday. The high yesterday was 18 degrees with windchill factors around 5 below. With no real plans for racing next year Mandi and I have both been branching out a bit more with the cross training. We have been doing more running and hiking when the weather is poor. Also lots of pilates and jump rope, don't laugh jump rope is tuff. So instead of bundling up yesterday and going for a three hour torture ride and freezing the whole time, we went hiking instead. We headed out to South Haddix trail with our friends Joel and Katie.

They are alot of fun to hang out with, as they share many common interests with Mandi and I. They have an awesome little farm over in Bellington. They grow most of what they eat and also sell at the local farmers market (Joel is the coordinator). Joel is turning into a master bread maker and cranks out several loaves a week of some of the best bread I have ever ate. They both are also incredibly gifted runners.

We had a great time trudging through the woods. When I hike I usually just blunder around and normally do not stick to a trail. You can find a lot more interesting things to look at when you are deep in the woods away from the ground that is normally troden upon. So thats what we did most of the day yesterday. It was actually a beautiful day. After a nice burst of snow in the morning the ski cleared up and the sun shone most of the day.

Peace, JOEY

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ashwinearl said...

I love jumping rope. I always wonder about how much of it cross overs to mountain biking, but it's still fun and hard anyway.

This is a fun video for some tricks