Wednesday, February 27, 2008


It seems to rain, snow, sleet, hail or all of the above everyday. When is it all going to end. I can't wait for summer. The birds are letting me know its just around the corner. Mandi and I finally got in some good solid rides last week. The sensations are coming back.

Both of us recieved some more insentive to "train" last week. We are both going to do the 24 Hours of Big Bear. Thanks to the help of JR Pestko and I am doing the race on a 4 man expert team being dubbed the dream team. Steve Hill(wvmba champ), Jason Cyr(state champ), Andy Weidrich (course record holder at BB) and me. Should be fun. Mandi is doing the race solo, yep solo and single speed. She has been wanting to do it for years. She is super stoked. She is looking for pit crew any takers?

So the latest news on the relocation front. Our house is still for sale but it may be selling this weekend. Fingers and toes crossed. We are for sure moving to the Parkersburg/Vienna area and I will be working for Vienna Bicycle Shop. I am super excited about the move and really looking forward to working in a shop with more than one employee. The folks at VBS are super nice and P-Burg seems like a nice place to live, with several options for riding near by and growing and active cycling community.

5 inches and counting. Will it ever stop.

peace, JOEY.


John said...

I'm gonna miss you guys... Lots of luck!

Clay E. said...

Hey guys, glad to hear you're finally moving to a town that will support your dietary needs. Look forward to having you two nuts in a relatively close area. Mount Wood rocks and the weather is a little better in the burg.