Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nick this one is for you!

Ok, finally

We had a great Wednesday in Davis hangin out with Nick Waite and Matt Marcus. Chilled at BWB and rode on some awesome Canaan dirt, rocks, roots, and bogs. I must say mandi and I really love Davis. We were brainstorming all the way back Elkins trying to figure how we could move there and what we could do once we were there. Do you think the area could support nice little health food/coffee/tea/herb store? mandi's market? hmmmm something to think about. Anyway here are some pics from Wednesday.

Peace. Joey and Mandi.

Mandi feeling the energy from the powerlines!

Someone must have left this for us (Firetrail 5? on Loop Road)

"Lithy" takin a mud bath

Joey showin some teeth! grrr!


doug said...


Hope all is well in WV.

Anonymous said...

OK, guys i havent been to your site in a year or so and its great. Anyway, come back to Davis and we will ride more trails. You can also see our new adopted 8 week old racoon.
Later, Jason Cyr

gwadzilla said...

two for one sale on orange bikes?